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The Sect

Deep in the secret world of the Conclave resided a dark underbelly to their society that even the tribunal lawmakers no little about. The Sect live among the magi, some pretending to be Conclave, others holding enough power to make themselves nye untouchable. They deal in lies and trickery, caring little who is hurt in the search for intimate power.



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History of


The Donaldsons


The Sect working in tight hierarchies of leadership, many seats of power passed down through countless generations among the most powerful Magi houses. The Donaldson are one such house, always led by its matriarch, and each generation passed down to a favored daughter.


What no one knows outside the Donaldson family itself is that the leader never really changes. The family matriarch takes the form of her nonexistent daughter so she can use her sexuality and youth to gain more power. The woman known as Eve, is Morrissa, who in turn was Rinaeldai before her and so on through at least nine generations.


To secure places of power, family magics, whatever she wants, the Donaldson matriarch consummates with men who are strong in their family’s hereditary magics and use the child for power over that family. Her son Tom is one such child, though her other two sons were products of a marriage for nothing more magical then a widows fat inheritance when her husband died unexpectedly.


Morrissa/Eve Donaldson ~ The power was close and Morrissa Donaldson knew it was just a matter of time. It would need to be soon. Age was creeping ever closer and without a new energy source to hold back the evidence of time, she would lose her youth. How else could she continue to pose as her own twenty-five-year-old daughter who was just now attracting the eye of a certain Tristan Harper? Between the power of the Harper genes and the energy of the nexus itself, Morrissa could birth the child who would be the key to the Conclave’s undoing, and her own eternal youth and power.


Richard Donaldson ~ A man so full of his own self worth and power, that he care little for anyone else, even family. He’d kill anyone if he thought it would bring him more of that power, but knows he doesn’t dare cross his mother. He hates his brother Tom for his favor with their mother, and his brother Martin for his lack of focus on the real price.


Martin Donaldson ~ Martin Donaldson hate a taste for the forbidden, for the dangerous. He has a smooth nature and a handsome face that generally will get him anything he wants, and everything else, he simply takes. He has the ego of his brother Richard, but not the lust for power, just for pleasure.


Tom Donaldson ~ Tom is trapped in a world of deceit and violence, with no way to get out. He hates the things his family does and the fact that some of the power his mother uses, she gets from him. He dare not cross Morrissa Donaldson and risk her wrath. He worries how many people will get her before his mother gets what she wants.


Other Powerful sect familys