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Fae Rebels




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Novella Seeking Light in the Darkness  

Short Stories Family Matters  


The Plague - (recap from Fae page)

Over the centuries, as humans gained more power over the earth and forgot their duty of stewardship to the land, a plague has begun to affect the Fae as a race. Cases of birth defects, sterility, and severe cases of external and internal illness have become more prevalent since the humans became an industrialized society. The Fae are linked to nature itself, and when nature thrives and is strong they thrive in our strong. As the humans poisoned the earth more and more this resulted in higher infant mortality rates and lower birth rates among the Fae. Added to the growing number of Fae affected by the wasting disease who died, this has over time seriously decreased the Fae population as a whole, as well as left many of the remaining Fae far weaker in power.


Acts of Fae terrorism - Rumored





Noteable Fae eco-terroist and militant factions