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Conclave; Guardians of Earth

Deep beneath the earth flows power like currents through the core of our planet. Some call them ley lines, and the sacred places they connect are the ley. The Conclave are the guardians of such places, hereditary witches some call the Magi with the ability to tap into the power of the earth and shape it. They are the herbalists and healers, those that call elements and sprits to their aid. They weave the webs of protection and cast the sacred circles.


With access to such power there must be law to keep the balance intact. The Tribunal are the lawmakers of the Conclave, those that keep the Magis’ secrets and the order in check. All of the members of the magical families of the Conclave answer to the Tribunal and even the lawmakers answer to a higher power. The Council of Crones.


As each woman passes onto her time of Croning, if she is deemed worthy by the current Council of Crones she is offered the chance to join their numbers. They are the final say in matters of Conclave business, though they do confer with the area covens on all magic decisions. The crones recognize that the young have their own brand of wisdom and that when one ages she can often lose touch with how times may change.


The Conclave hold sway over many places of power over the world and build their hidden towns there. These places are unseen by the eyes of those without magical blood unless the person of the blood takes them there. This does not mean all within the town’s are Magi, not all of magical blood ever awaken to their abilities, ever feel the pull of the leys.


One such town is Green Grove. For years the town was peaceful with very few Sect attacks. Then in 1978 the dark Magi made an attempt at one of the most powerful leys in Northern Wisconsin. Sacru Teren. After that everything changed.


The Sect seem to be growing more bold and harder to tract within Green Grove’s borders. In the past few years, there are even reports of the same trouble with the Sect in other Conclave towns as well. The families are scared and with good reason. The trouble is a great number of the Conclave families aren't entirely convinced that a darker society within the Conclave exsists, or that if they do exist they aren't just a small handful of rebel factions. This makes convincing many of the Crone Councils and the regional tribunal administrations to take action against the Sect threat quite difficult.


In the town of Green Grove the Sect attacks, often done in a way to look like random accidents, have become more commonplace especially after the return of Sacru Teren’s guardians. Whoever lays claim to the power of Sacru Teren and the Ancestor Hill hold the key to it’s secrets, the key to the energy nexus. The Sect leader Morrissa Donaldson wants that nexus for so she can crush her enemies, and the Conclave must protect Sacru Teren until its guardian is fully awakened into her own power.


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Sacru Teren Coven Sisters

Zoya Woloshyn Is a gifted soothsayer and skilled ritualist. She was adopted into the Conclave years ago with Sofia Kursk, and Emma Molva, after a horrible train wreck killed their parents. When her sister Emma left the magic ways to live in the city as humans Zoya and Sofia looked after Sacru Teren until their niece Sky was ready to take her place as its guardian. Where she once had hair the color of the sunset, Zoya's white locks and weathered face speak volumes about the life she has lead and the sacrifices made. A member of the Crone Council. A bit of a hermit.

Lilly Segmann is known for her talent in green witchery, but she’s also had some experience dealing with forbidden artifacts and magical devices working within Tribunal as an intern while she went to college. Her cooking is legendary in Green Grove as is her talent as a creator of healing tinctures and salves. She’s taught herbalism at Quadrivium Academy for Gifted Youths, and has for nearly twenty years. Also a member of the Crone Council with Zoya, though far more present in the general community.

Few outshine Bethany Harper in the art or enchanting and geomancy. Her piercing green eyes see past even the best glammer spell with minimal effort. She follows the Faery Tradition, and when a family has trouble with the wee folk, it was said no one is better than Mrs. Harper in negotiating a fair agreement between the humans and the fae. She used to own a rock and bookstore in town, but had recently passed the running of it off to her son Alan to take care of. A member of the crone Council with Lilly and Zoya.

Aldora and Astra Baptiste are very good reiki specialists in their own right, but in tandem, they are amazing to see at work. There are times the doctors at the hospital call on them to perform their energy work and massage for a particularly stubborn problem with a patient. They are originally from France, but moved to Green Grove a few years ago. Aldora and Caroline Larson were hand fasted last June and have been a happy couple since. Astra was married, but was divorced before she left France.

Besides being an excellent cook like Lilly Segmann, Caroline Larson is known for her work with wards and protection charms. She is skilled in the art of tasseography; reading tea leaves, and is one of Green Grove’s best-known numerologists. She teaches math at Quadrivium Academy for Gifted Youths, and has worked there for nearly ten years now. She is a vocal activist for gay rights and a published author on that subject.

Nasha Dingane is a woman from South Africa who can talk to the dead. Her quiet manner and rich voice bring as much calm and comfort to the living as to the spirits she deals with. She is psychologist and a priestess that is often called a midwife of death. She helps those who are dying pass on from this world and their love one left behind to cope with their loss. She is also a gifted songwriter and drummer.

Qi and Ning Ma. The Ma family is the town’s undisputed masters in many of the Chinese healing arts, and these two young women learned the tradition of their family well. They are the youngest members of the coven, only in their early twenties, but their skill together is unrivaled.