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The Clan; Women of Fire

Primal Forms ~ Sometime between the ages of three and five the children of the Clan gain the ability to take their primal animal shape. The animal is generally the birth totem of the child and that animal alone, though there have been unique cases of another animal besides their birth totem choosing to be the child’s guide instead. Not only do the children gain the animal’s body, but many of the instincts and abilities as well. Usually, characteristics of the animal will be apparent in the child when she or he is in human shape, and visa versa. Time within a primal form can be tiresome, so often after long periods in their form the child must nap. Nowadays parents often convince a child to go “play” in their primal form because it’s an excellent way to tire them out.


Clan Blood ~ Among all the clan, the blood carries several abilities to help them defend their bodies against disease and injury. Minor damage is healed very quickly, often within a matter of hours. More severe wounds, that might take months for a human to recover from, can take a shifter days or weeks to heal completely. The shifter blood is resilient to blood borne and airborne pathogens, but have only mind defenses against natural and synthesized poisons.

Ingested toxins are another matter for shifters who are by nature more sensitive to pollutants in the food they eat or what they drink. Even commonly used household cleaners and pesticides can we too much for a shifter’s physiology. One of the Clan who has been exposed to toxins will often show signs when they shift into either their primal or sacred forms. Dull eyes, brittle fur and feathers, listless movements, all are often signs of a shifter’s need to detox after exposure to pollutants.


Battle Form ~ At the age of ascension, which for girls is at the time of their first moontime, and for the boys around thirteen or fourteen, there is a change that comes over these children of the Clan. Most of the boys lose the ability to take their primal form at this time, though in rare cases some keep it permanently. The girls, after a ritual of dedication to the Goddess, gain the gift of their sacred shape, a hybrid combination of their totem animal and their human form.

The sacred shape is meant only to be a gift used in battle to defend the Clan and their families. The shifter often grows in mass an height when they change from their human shape to that of the hybrid form. This state is very draining on the shifters body and it is generally advisable for them to find a generous amount of substance after a change, even if it was not an extended one. Because of the risk of revealing the Clans existence to those magically unawakened, it is the shifter’s law that the sacred form be used only in times of great need.


The Future of the Clan ~ There have been many prophecies handed down though the clan’s women and men who were gifted with sight beyond. One of the most well known occurred during the Hallows ritual in 1992. The herald did not occur at one local event. This message was spoken all over the world, through many of the clan’s women gifted in divination and channeling.


A lost daughter of the Goddess will come to live among the Clan. She will be ignorant of our ways, but carry within her womb the key to the Clan’s future. Our enemies will try to take the power for themselves. If the enemy succeeds, the Clan will fall and many other races along with them.


Through blood and pain the Goddess’ daughter must come, past the day she chooses a family as her own. Her gifted name will be whispered on the wind, and on the lips of the mother she never knew. She shall birth her child to be forever cast into blessed silence, and the blood that cleansing the sacred land will bring with it the touch of magic to the deep spirit of the Clan.


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Local packs within Wisconsin

There are dozens of packs across Wisconsin alone, and many thousand across the rest of the country and the world. It's common to find smaller pack territorys covering the cities, whereas the larger packs tend to stay in the more rural areas, especially those near Indian Reservations. So this in mind, understand that there are many more packs than you see on the map. Also know for each main pack of a larger area there may be subpacks that cover small territories within that area and that answer to the main pack. Also, within Wisconsin there are seven reginal councils that the other packs answer to in thier territory. I've created a map of where the councils are and some of the packs mentioned in my novels are. I will add to it as needed. The colored letter are the reginal councils for that area. The black numbers are pack territories. The councils/packs featured in the novels are also linked below so you can click to learn more about the women that are part of them.




1. Clan of the Ancient Oak -Council


2. Keepers of the Water Way - Pack


3. Guardians of the Concrete Rivers - Pack


4. Clan of the Timeless Moon - Council


5. Clan of the Whispering Pines - Council


6. Clan of the Birthing Waters - Council


7. Clan of the Twin Rivers - Council


8. Clan of the Boundries Keepers - Council


9. Clan of the Endless Water - Council



Clan Origin Story


In the beginning…


The Clan once lived in peace across the deserts and plains, the mountains and valleys. Our tribes were vastly different in our traditions and in our appearance, but we were all one in our connection to the Earth our mother. Some of us hunted wild game and gathered the root and nuts of the land as we moved from place to place. Others built large villages that stayed for generations and farmed the earth around us, nurturing it and reaping all it provided.


We listened to our animal kin then, taking heed of the omens they revealed to us and giving thanks for each life we took to feed our families and clothe our bodies. Nothing was wasted. What we did not use to use for our own need was returned to the land for our animal neighbors or to feed the Earth herself.

Then traders visited from far away places and saw the wealth our Earth Mother provided her people. Across the lands of the clans, battles broke out as the strangers tried to take what we had out of greed and jealousy.


Many of our people died. The strangers’ weapons were far superior to our own. They were trained for war, while our people knew only peace. They fought with hatred and fury, something no one in the Clan had ever felt before. The strangers reveled in the death, while our people revered life.


Fearing for the future of their people, the shamans left the villages and traveled far across the plains and deserts, the valleys and mountains seeking answers on how to save the Clans.


The animals heeded their call and formed a Council. They gathered before the Goddess to ask for a way to help the people. She listened to their request and walked the skies, thoughtfully as the spoke.


“The People have no weapons that cannot be taken from them, no rage to fuel them in battle.” The Goddess said, coming to stand in the center of their circle. “They were not made for war, nor been corrupted by greed such as that drives the strangers. What would you give the people so they might survive and protect their children?”


Bear stood, and held out her heavy paw. “I use my strength to protect my cubs from any that would seek to harm them. None are as the mother bear in the drive to defend her young. I will give them my strength so that they can keep their little ones safe.”


“I do not have the strength of sister Bear, but none can match my courage in the face of foes much larger than I,” Badger said. “I give them that spirit to face down overwhelming odds without fear.”


Coyote laughed and stretched lazily in the warm sun. “What good is brute strength and courage if you have no cunning? My gift to the people is the ability to deceive their enemy so that they can gain the upper hand. No gift can hope to match mine.”


“Trickery and deception? What use are such things to such a noble people.” Beaver said scornfully. “I bring them the knowledge of how to build sturdy structures to protect their families, tools with which to fight the battles. What gift can match mine?”


Many of the animals began to argue on whose gift would best server to save the humans. Each thought their gift was the best, and that no one else’s could top it. Finally the Goddess raised her hands, bringing silence to the noisy crowd.


“The People’s magic is not strong enough yet for all the wonderful gifts you have so humbly offered today.” The animals looked at each other, abashed at the gentle scolding the Goddess so subtly presented. “I think, perhaps, you may chose a few humans to offer your gift, one human that it is your responsibility to mentor and guide on their path.”


The Goddess spoke long into the night explaining how they should best guide and teach their humans, until the moon laid down to rest and the sun rose, stretching into the sky. The animals gathered together and went down from the meeting place to speak to the first shaman that had come to seek them in the far northeast.


When they told her of the words of the Goddess, the shaman cried tears of joy. Her people would be saved. She hurried back to her tribe to give them the news. The people of the Clan were very pleased. They had lost so many of their sons and daughters in battle, they were grateful for anything that might save their people.


The children were able to take the shapes of the animals that chose to guide them so they might run and hide from their enemies. When the children reached the age of adulthood, and mastered the skills of their guide, they were given their battle form, a shape of neither beast nor man, but a joining of the two. The gifts served the Clan for many generations. The invaders would come and go, but with these skills the people were able to defend their villages and keep their peace.

Then one year, a hard winter raged across the lands of some of the Clan, and the people became desperate, fearing that their seasonal stores would not be enough to sustain them through the harsh weather. The women rationed their village’s food, and did what they could to stretch their supplies in the hope they could survive until spring.

Many of the men grew afraid as the meals became more meager and gathered together to decide what was to be done. They didn’t see why they’d been given such powerful weapons of war, only to slowly starve. The men were certain that if they traveled beyond the land of the harsh winter they would find the tribe there had plenty. They would use their power and take what they needed.

The women of the villages tried to stop the raiding parties as they prepared to leave the land of ice and snow. This was not why the gifts were given, the women said. The spirits will be angry. The men did not head the warnings, but gathered on their boats and set sail to the land of abundance they knew lay just beyond the storms.

This too went on for many generations until all the people of the Clans warred with one another for the best hunting grounds, the best farming land, the best of whatever they thought their neighbor might have. The mothers watched their children die because or greed and the quest to own the land around them, and their pleas fell on deaf ears.

Again the people sought the Goddess’ help, but instead of the shamans who were now almost all men and just as full of greed, it was the mothers that traveled to the desert and the mountains, the plains and the valleys.

“The souls of your children will be lost to hatred and greed. They will become the shadows that claw at the land like a plague.” The Goddess said from the mountain in the sky. “They will rip at my belly and feed on my insides. They will become as blind and deaf to my pain then, as they are to your wisdom now.”

“What can we do?” The mother’s cried, bowing in supplication.

“The women will take the children still too young yet to gain their sacred forms, along with any of the men who are not poisoned already, and leave these lands. The animals will guide you to places of safety and you will leave symbols for those of my will to follow after you.”

“And what of our husbands and sons left behind.” The women cried. “What is to become of them.”

“They will be punished for their misuse of the gift. From this day forth, no male child will be able to take any form, sacred or animal, past the time of his manhood. This I say will stand until the day the magic awakens in a daughter of the clan. Only through her pain and trials will she lead the path to the Clan’s redemption.”

And so the mothers of the clan returned to their homes. They gathered their young children, they gathered their daughters, and they gathered the sons, husbands, and fathers who had yet to fall to the disease that gripped their people. They took only what they needed and left the lands of the Clan, following the signs the guides left for them on the rocks and trees.