Moondancer drake

Author of Multicultural LGBTQ Speculative Fiction

The Guardian circle


In the lands of the Dreaming there's a special well of creativity where the races of my world were birthed and breathed into life. The members of the Guardian Circle live in harmony with the seasons and Mother Earth. They care for Her children. They do battle against those that would take from Her and use the force of that power to disturb the balance. There are five main peoples of this land, each I have denoted with an element. Come get to know the gentle caretakers, the warriors, the mystics, the guardians, and the evil they face so their children might live free.


Here you will find Clans of female shape shifters who call on ancient goddesses for guidance in their struggle against Human Supremacists like the Imperium.


There is a dark war brewing between the Sacrosanct and the Bane over the blood and lives of the human's. Who will survive? Will it be the defenders of humankind or those who which to prey upon them?


Meet those who call upon the ancient magic within the earth, the Conclave who work in tandem with the natural flow of the earth's magic, and the Sect who believe in stripping the earth of her power to claim it as their own.


Walking among us are those some call the Wildlings, men and women who by blood or by design have been touched by the power of the Fae. When the psychic powers that rest within them are awakened, they must learn to cope or be driven mad.


Born of human and celestials are the God-Blooded, the lost children who wait to face the trials cast upon them by their immortal ancestors and the Void they battle against. The war is coming an only the bravest of these children will survive to face it. If they fail, then all hope is lost. Traverse the mountains of my imagination and discover the inspirations behind these people and their stories.


These people live amongst you, hidden beneath the world you know. Will you turn your back on the strange and different lives they lead, or will you embrace their differences and learn from their ancient wisdom? It's all up to you.