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Physically the Bane are not much different than their brethren the Sacrosanct. They are living vampires, some born, some created in pain and violence. The are weakened in the sun, eat and drink human fare is they choose, but one big difference is in the way they feed. The Sacrosanct do not have choose to kill to live, they take what they need and live in peace with their human kin.

The Bane revel in being monsters, treating the human like nothing more then food and amusement. hey drained the life essence from humans and it nourishes them, empowers them. They believe by not killing their prey they become weak, and weakness is suicide among their kind. It is this distain for life, the inherent violent attitude, that is generally the cause for a Bane's banishment from Sacrosanct society.

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  Bloodstained Innocence  



The Bane Lord Cu Uladh

One of the oldest and most notable of these banishments is the Mongolian prince Cu Uladh. At one lime he had everything. A wife named Narantsetseg, daughter of the Great Khan Yesügei, and beautiful beyond poetry and reason. He had everything a man could want until his ambition and need to control all he possessed and all he wanted to possess became his downfall.

Before the birth of Nara’s brother Temüjin, Cu Uladh believed that with the Khan having no non-sacrosanct sons he’d be forced to take one of the Golden Blood as his heir. Considering Oyon was an artist and not geared as a leader to in battle, Cu Uladh assumed the likely choice would be him.

He was determined to gather as much support as he could and she often heard tell of Cu Uladh speaking ill of the choices made by the Khan in an attempt to bring favor to himself instead. Angry and finished with her husbands trickery and lies against the Khan, Narantsetseg threw Cu Uladh's things outside of her yurt, divorcing him in the tradition of her people.

After that Cu Uladh traveled Asia and India, swearing to regain his power, and take back what was his, the princess Narantsetseg. He chooses even to ignore the divorce, still claiming her as his queen and his property, even though she keeps carefully from his grasp. He had since then become the Bane Lord Cu Uladh and has a sizable following in the area of Madison. He 's had dealings with politicians and corporations which give him a great deal of power, but he still does not have the beautiful Narantsetseg.

Cu Uladh does have a plan. If he can infect a shifter with the bête noire he can have a powerful soldier to use against the accursed beast women. Infecting a shifter is supposed to be impossible, their blood kills off the infection of the bête noire, but Cu Uladh believes there is a way. One of the doctors for the corporations he has dealings with has devised a drug that temporarily suppresses the shifter blood, leaving the beast woman possibly susceptible to the bête noire. With the help of the Sect's (click here for more on them) mind twisting spells, Cu Uladh believe his plan could succeed, he just needs a shifter to test it on.



The Bane Lord Gul Kadenu

Gul Kadenu is said to be brother to Cu Uladh, but there is truly little blood relation between the two beside their Mongolian heritage and the evil cruelty of the Bane. He was never a prince, but he was born a Sancrosanct noble, though from very young his family could tell this child was not like the others. He was a bully, but he hid his misdeeds in darkness, killing his first playmate at the age of ten. As Gul Kadenu grew older, so did his cruelty and sadistic desires until he was finally banished from the lands of his ancestors.

He rules Milwaukee the way his "brother" rules Madison, though Gul Kadenu's dealings with the corporations and politics are far more devious. He learned a century ago a technique in where he fed a gentle sacrosanct vampire the blood of a Bane lord like himself and they became a vicious creature, enslaved to that Bane lord's will. These creatures are called Hounds, and are mindless killers, obeying their masters tirelessly. Gul Kadenu uses his hounds to do the work of his human allies, and in turn he is given great power in the city.



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